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Rolling Route 66 – The 2011 Mother Road Ride

The starting line in downtown Tulsa. The sky looks rather ominous.

The event of the year for Team Superior arrived – the 2011 Oklahoma Bike MS – The Mother Road Ride! Hundreds of cyclists, hundreds of volunteers, hundreds of miles, all for one great goal – supporting the fight against MS!

Our team had some 40 participants, all ready for a rough first morning. The temp started out in the mid-50’s, wet roads and drizzling. It had the makings of a day where most cyclists would look outside and seriously reconsider. But not us. Nope, we gathered up our sweaters, pants, rain coats, and rolled out. Continue reading Rolling Route 66 – The 2011 Mother Road Ride

The “Holding My Own” Rides

On 3/20, I decided I’d do my second middle-distance ride of the year.  Two days before I had done a 28 miler that was brutal: SUV tried to kill me, semi truck passed about 1-2 ft from me doing 50mph, and I had to fight a 15mph headwind that came literally out of nowhere and was with me for the 13 or so mile ride home. Oh, and a nasty looking pit bull chased me for about 1/2 a mile. Needless to say, not my most enjoyable ride ever.

So I was hoping for a nice ride on Sunday to make up for it. Weather said it’d be around 80, humidity around 50%, and wind around 12mph.  The week before I had done 41.5 miles, and I wanted to get in anywhere from 45-50. Boy was I wrong. Continue reading The “Holding My Own” Rides