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4 Seconds

It's about at this angle when you realize there ain't nothing you can do.

It sounds something like this: “Wha?!? Oh @#$% *ooomph* Ugh… that hurt.”

Sound kinda familiar? No? Well, if you’re new to shoes with clips, it will. I’ve done this 5 or 6 times by now. Here’s the setup:

1) Select a place to stop. Try to aim for:

  • A nice, crowded intersection
  • The front of your riding group
  • Slanted/angled/cracked ground (but level ground will do, if you can’t be bothered)
  • All of the above

2) Slow down to about 1-2mph, with your favored foot safely unclipped, ready to step down.

3) Now here’s the key: Lean toward the clipped in foot by 0.0005°.

Voila. You’re now perfectly setup to execute one of the most embarrassing cycling maneuvers. No, not tearing your shorts while stepping over your top tube. No, not standing up to charge a hill and letting a big one rip. This is even better.

That’s right, it’s falling over while standing still.

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