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Review: Shimano MT41 Shoes

Shimano MT41 Shoes (dark grey)

If you want to build something great, you gotta start from the ground up.

Price: ~$50-70

Usage Time/Distance:  approx. 4,000 miles  (a little over a year)

Purchased From:  Tom’s Bicycles


  • Solid construction
  • Good ventilation
  • Quick drying
  • Low entry price (and associated SPD-style pedals are relatively cheap too)
  • Heavy (very heavy compared to carbon fiber-base shoes)
  • Laces and velcro strap combo are slow to put on (not good for our triathlete brethren)
  • Only SPD-compatible

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Review: CycleOps Fluid 2 Bike Trainer

CycleOps Fluid 2

You’ve heard it over and over: there’s no substitute for the road. But indoor training doesn’t need to be a substitute. It can be a valuable add-on to your outdoor training.

Price:  $250-350

Usage Time/Distance:  approx. 2 years, 1-4 times per week.

Purchased From:  Amazon.com


  • Sturdy, quality construction.
  • Bike is very stable when mounted.
  • Relatively low noise level (in comparison to wind and magnetic trainers).
  • Large flywheel and progressive resistance provides excellent road-like feel and great resistance range.


  • Pricey.
  • Heavy construction makes this unit less portable than lighter-weight units.
  • Can take a bit to properly position the locking mechanism width to hold your bike in place.
  • Requires a round hub skewer cap (provided with the trainer), but this means you’ll probably have to switch out your rear skewer.


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Review: Michelin Pro Optimum Tires

You can have a $50 blue-light special all the way up to a $15k ultimate racer, but no matter what you ride, the tires are where the rubber literally meets the road.

Michelin Pro Otimum (Front pictured)
Michelin Pro Otimum (Front pictured)

Price:  $45-60

Usage Time/Distance:  approx. 1,500 miles on the first set, 3,100 miles on the second set before being replaced

Purchased From:  Bicycles of Tulsa

Size:  700 x 25C


  • Excellent road feel
  • Handling on both dry and wet roads is good
  • High TPI (threads-per-inch) count and wide size (25C) add to comfort and handling
  • Decent puncture resistance


  • Several small gouges/breaks that could have lead to failure (but this may be true of other tires)
  • Tight fitting; rather hard to put on / take off at first (after about 1,000 miles, they come on/off like any other tire)
  • Front/Rear specific means places can charge different prices for each (though I haven’t seen this much), and you have to buy the right one

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