About Rolling

Rolling is what we shout at the beginning of a ride. It’s what we shout when the light turns green, or when a cross-street has cleared.

Rolling is how life feels when it’s moving along smoothly, when you know there  may be problems up ahead, but right now, there’s no worries.

Rolling is that laugh that makes your cheeks hurt, your stomach sore, and your eyes water.

Rolling also happens to be my blog. My name’s Tony, a New York transplant by way of California, rolling in Oklahoma. I started cycling in May of 2010, and consider myself a perpetual novice. And though there’s plenty of places to find lots of good info on cycling, I couldn’t find anything about what took novices to super-nova riders.  To give my fellow newbie riders a leg-up (hehe), I offer my stories – mistakes, anecdotes, musings, satirical commentary, and insights (or lack thereof). Riding can be highly technical or not technical at all, and between those two extremes are miles of ambiguity, physics, formulas, physiology, sweat, tears, failure, laughter and triumph.

If I can make that ride a little smoother – and offer up a laugh or two while I’m at it – then I’ve achieved my goal.

Me, at the 2012 MS Ride
Me and my trusty steed, at the 2012 MS Ride