Cyclist Placed Under Observation After Receiving Texts From Bike

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Rolling News. October 1, 2013.

After several weeks of posting text messages reportedly sent by bikes on his Facebook account, the Tribunal of International Riding Enthusiasts have placed local cyclist and blogging celebrity Tony Diaz under a 72 hour psychiatric observation.

“We didn’t have much choice,” says tribunal elder Sam Jacobian. “To be a cyclist, you’ve already got to be on the edge of sane. Sharing the road with vehicles ten times your size and twenty times your weight. Flying at break-neck speeds wearing less clothing than a Victoria’s Secret model. But this… concerned us.”

When asked for a statement during visiting hours, Mr. Diaz stated, “Ha! If they think that’s crazy, just wait…”

Fearing a little for our safety, we indicated we would return for a follow-up interview, which remains unscheduled.