Riders Need to Recover After Recovery Ride – Rolling News

Recovery speed may need to be adjusted.
Recovery speed may need to be adjusted.

Rolling News. July 23, 2013.

After several days of hard training, local riding team 2Fass planned for an easy, 30 mile recovery ride. Fifteen riders set out on a lightly rolling path.

Twenty minutes after their roll-out time, the team was spotted hammering up Mt. Olympus Rd., passing several struggling cars. “I thought something might’ve been wrong,” said Charles “Charger” DeGault. “I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. But it was a recovery ride, so I guessed that maybe I was just tired from all the other days of riding.”

As they rolled on, several detours were added to take in popular local climbs and Strava segments. By the time the team returned to their starting point, their easy, 30 mile ride had turned into a 98 mile route climbing nearly 8,000 ft., at an average of 23 mph.

“You know how it goes,” said Walter “Widowmaker” Jones. “One person passes you, and then you gotta pass them. Then someone passes them and you, and before you know it, it’s on.”

Riders dropped to the asphalt, flinging off helmets, gloves, bandanas, and in one unfortunate case, shorts. A few simply rode to the nearest patch of grass and fell over, not bothering to unclip.

When asked why no one noticed they were riding so hard and fast, team captain Brittany “The Boss” Cross said, “We really don’t know how fast we’re supposed to go. We’ve never managed to do [a recovery ride] successfully. We keep trying though. At least all of us finished this recovery ride. That’s an improvement.”