Cyclist Stranded in His Own Home – Rolling News

A flat on a stationary trainer is unusual, to say the least.
A flat on a stationary trainer is unusual, to say the least.

Rolling News. March 26, 2013.

While riding his stationary trainer to avoid unseasonably cold weather, Tony Diaz – still awaiting his appeal appearance before the Tribunal of Independent Riding Enthusiasts – had a flat. “I started hearing a squeaking sound, and it was getting easier and easier to pedal. Then, I felt the pedals starting to slip, like when your tire loses the road.”

Carefully slowing to a stop, Mr. Diaz dismounted his bike and sure enough, his rear tire was flat. “I couldn’t believe it! I had a flat. I didn’t hit any debris, and I was careful not to ride through glass. I don’t get it.” His bewilderment quickly turned to despair when he realized that his saddle bag was empty, and he was not riding with his team. It turns out his teammates were so helpful on his many rides that he had never needed to change his own flat.

“It’s not my fault! They’re just so… helpful. You get a flat, and a dozen riders run up with tire levers, tubes, the works. And I’m riding my trainer… how was I supposed to know I should bring an extra tube?” After staring at his rear tire for several minutes, he reached for his phone. Unfortunately, he didn’t know who to call. “I didn’t have a SAG number. It’s not like this was a planned event. Besides, who remembers to put the event SAG number in their phone?”

After sitting on the floor next to his bike for the better part of an hour considering his options, he decided that he’d have to call his wife. “I hate doing it, cause it feels like giving up, and I don’t like having to bother her. Bad enough I spend hours and hours riding. I feel dumb for having to call her for a flat.”

After answering her phone and quietly listening to his plight, his wife walked over from the living room, opened the door and stated, “Dude. You’re an idiot.”

When asked for his reaction, Mr. Diaz said, “Can you believe that? Here I am asking nicely for help, and, and… I mean, well… okay. Yeah, she’s right. But still, she didn’t have to point it out while I’m stuck here.”