Cyclist Blogger Harassed for Riding and Not Writing – Rolling News

Downhill all the way from Oak View to Oxnard. Not steep, but consistent.
Nice weather = more riding = no blog post. Fans lash out.

Rolling News. March 19, 2013.

Tens of web denizens sent angry tweets as their weekly dose of the highly-popular “Satirical Tuesday” post from Rolling Blog failed to appear. When asked why the posts were delayed, Xjiard – the enigmatic author of Rolling Blog – stated, “What are you gonna do? The weather’s been nice, so I went riding. If you can’t please everyone, please yourself… wait, that doesn’t sound right. Don’t print that.”

It was difficult to track down fans of the blog for comment on its recent activities, or lack thereof. Most visitors of the blog seemed to arrive there by accident. “I was looking for info on some amateur cycling leagues, and ended up here. But I don’t think there really is a League of Professional Amateur Cyclists. I think he made that up.” said a blog visitor who goes by the internet handle ConCzn7.

For those dedicated few for whom the weekly post was a highlight, their disappointment was obvious. Tweets such as “@Xjiard is slow on keyboard and bike.” and “Take a wrong turn on your way to the laptop? Where’s #SatiricalTuesday?” were much in evidence.

When asked whether Xjiard would issue an apology to his fans for not publishing the Satirical Tuesday post on time, he replied, “I have fans?”