Review: Inertia Designs Cargo Wedge Saddle Bag

Inertia Designs Cargo Wedge Saddle Bag
Inertia Designs Cargo Wedge Saddle Bag

Some people don’t like shoving their jersey pockets full of tubes, CO2 cartridges, and tools. I am one of those people.

Price: ~$15-20

Usage Time/Distance:  Approx. 6 mo. / 2,000 miles

Purchased From: Amazon (six color options)


  • Super-secure straps with added buckle at the end (just in case the hook-and-loops fail)
  • Seat-post strap is padded on both sides to prevent scratching the post or yourself
  • Internal zippered pocket and side-pouch
  • Virtually no sway
  • Holds a lot without being overly large


  • The reflective strip on the back panel is sewn in the middle of the panel, making tail light positioning awkward

I had an older-model Inertia Designs cargo wedge (from some 12+ years ago) and the velcro (er, hook and loop) finally wore down. I wanted a bag that would fit nicely under the saddle, carry enough gear for a 60+ mile ride, and be stable (no sway, I hate sway). I also didn’t want a massive bag just draping off the back of my bike.

This bag is seriously impressive. For it’s relatively small size and very cheap cost, I fit two tubes, 3 co2 cartridges, 1 co2 pump, multitool, and tire lever. It has an extra side poach where you can fit an id or some cash for that mid-ride latte, as well as a small pouch on the inside of the opening flap.

The straps velcro over the saddle rails and onto the side of the bag, allowing for a nice, snug fit up under the saddle with absolutely zero sway. A nice touch is the clasp at the end of the two velcro straps. This snaps together under the bag, so that should the velcro loosen (like on my ancient bag) you don’t lose your cargo. The seat tube strap has a nice, smooth finish that won’t scratch your tube, with a soft, cloth-like texture on the outside (so you won’t scratch yourself!).

If I had to say anything negative about this bag, it’s that the reflective strap – which goes all the way across the rear of the bag, very visible – is sewn to the middle of the rear panel. That means if you’re going to hang a tail light, it has to be off-center. Had they chosen two sew-points perhaps a third of the way from either end, I would have zero complaints about this bag.

An excellent addition to any bike.