Review: Hatch DNR100 DayNite Reflective Gloves

Hatch DNR100 DayNite Reflective Gloves
Hatch DNR100 DayNite Reflective Gloves

Signaling at night isn’t useful if people can’t see what you’re signaling.

Price: $15-20

Usage Time/Distance: 5 months (and lots of night rides)

Purchased From: Amazon


  • Reflective material is highly visible both day and night
  • Light weight and compacts well
  • Breathable material
  • Fits over both cycling and winter gloves


  • Reflective panels are almost too large for the size of the fingers/palm (they can get int he way)
  • Panels are sewn and glued on, but the glue around the edges doesn’t really hold
  • Cheap feel (but what do you want for $15?).

For the amount of visibility these gloves provide – and the relatively low cost – it’s a good purchase for anyone riding the roads at night or even dusk/dawn. They easily fit in a jersey pocket, though the reflective material doesn’t fold well (so be careful not to poke yourself in the back).  I’ve used them while running (in the rare instance I run) in the evenings, and my hands stay pretty cool. The stitching and labels have annoyed me (when not wearing my bike gloves under them), but it’s worth it to be visible.

The stop triangle on the palm is a nice touch, though it would be nicer if it were slightly smaller so you can fold your hand easier. Sometimes a corner can get caught and bend under your palm, but it’s easily adjusted. A good addition to any nighttime riding/running kit.