Finished Strong for 2011

See you next year!
See you next year!

With the weather for December being abnormally warm – and by warm I mean mid-50’s and even 60’s when it’s usually low 40s – I squeezed in more road training than I expected to. I also kept pushing on the trainer hard, hoping that I’ll be able to make a decent if not good showing at Tulsa Tough come June.

For my intervals on the trainer, I’m up to 12 sets of 55 second anaerobic sprints with 1:30 rest. And they’ve made a difference. Last week, I did intervals on Monday, followed by a 16 mile sprint ride for Tuesday. My sprint rides are just full-out, as fast as I can do the loop. On Wednesday, the temp was in the 50s and I rolled a new route out through Coweta for a nice non-stop 28 miler. Thursday saw the team gathering for an evening ride since the temp went into the low-60’s. I did a fast 18 miles, followed by an additional 20 miles with the team.

After taking Friday off and walking all over the zoo with the kids, I rolled one last time for the year on Saturday, with winds out of the South around 25mph. Did 20 miles, and then joined up with the team to do another 22 mile loop. The wind wasn’t just howling, it was unpredictable, jumping from SE to SW and sending up mini-twisters of dirt and leaves. But, we rolled steady and made it back in good style.

With that last ride, that puts my stats for the year here at:

  • Rides:  99 (80 rides for 20+ miles)
  • Total Distance:  3,662 miles (36.95 avg)
  • Total Climbing:  122,860 ft (1,241 avg)
  • Total Time:  215.85 hr (2.15 avg)
  • Avg. Speed:  16.96 mph (fastest avg. ride was 20.04 mph for 62.36 miles)
  • Avg. Temp:  79° (Max Temp: 110°, with heat index at 117°)

I rode 36 more rides, averaging about 10 miles more for each ride over 2010, at about 1 mph faster.  For 2012, I’m looking to pass 4,300 miles, and increase my average speed to ~18 mph. Happy New Year to all my fellow cyclists and non-cyclists alike. May you find smooth, new asphalt (or beautiful, technical downhills for you off-road junkies) and nice tailwinds.