1/29: Aberrant Weather Ride

Myself, the Defy, and gorgeous weather

After 6 weeks of freezing temperatures, we finally caught a weather break – a rare temperature spike to 78°!  After being stuck on the trainer for so long, I really wanted to roll some pavement.  I did a short 11.2 mile ride on 1/16 when the temperature went up to 44°, but with the wind chill pushing freezing temps I was in so many layers I felt like a bear riding a tricycle in a circus.  This ride was just shorts, tank top, the bike, and my buddy Bruce for company.

He rode about 15 miles with me, and I continued on for another 11+ miles.  Didn’t push much, just some nice riding with beautiful weather.  Even the humidity was far below normal, only around 15%.  My goal is to get about 500 miles of light riding logged before  I start training in earnest.

I don't think my bike's road tires will cut it.

Unfortunately, 2 days later there was a blizzard… then a snow storm… then sub-zero (as in -15°) temperatures… followed by ANOTHER snow storm.  I might not have gotten any more riding in, but I’ve gotten plenty of snow shoveling done.  But now, the cold temps appear to be  breaking.  Yesterday was up to 55°, and today’s looking to be 61°.  With any luck, my work schedule will allow me a few rides this week, and my mental state will be all the happier for it.

Last bit of news is I’ve registered for my first ride of the year – the Flower Power Ride out in Muskogee on 4/23.  I’ve signed up to do the 100 mile ride – my first century.  Helluva way to start the biking season, but like with everything else, if you’re gonna go, go full bore.