The Body Variable

The body is a machine.  A self-guided power-suit of magnificence, waiting to be put to task.

The body is a temple.  Purity of spirit and thought altering fate and finding destiny.

The body is a canvas.  Ideas and emotions laid bare by beauty.  Creating and inspiring.

The body is a faith.  Belief in its ability to surpass.  The will to transcend its own limitations.

The body is a burden.  Always wanting, craving, hurting, healing, never resting. Until…

The body is a weapon.  Devastatingly efficient.  Lovely and brutal.

The body is a vision.  Framed references distorted with clarity, muted and crystallized.

The body is hope, and fear, and pain, and joy, and courage, and causation, and all, and nothing.

The body is what we make of it.  And what it makes of us.