Camping Prep

And yes, the kids' toys are required tools for hard-core, long-distance cycling.

This won’t just be the first time I’ve done a charity event, it’ll also be the first time I’ve ever been camping.  Before we moved to Oklahoma, my parents gave us this six person tent my dad used for photography events (a portable changing room).  As it’s the only tent I have, it’ll no doubt look like a mansion compared to some of the one- and two-person tents I’ve seen.  From corner to corner it’s about 11′ 6″, dome shaped, about 6′ 6″ high in the middle.  The first time I set it up earlier in the summer, took me about an hour, and that was with Cam’s help.  A couple weeks ago I tried setting it up by myself for the first time, and I did it in about 35 minutes.  Today, it took me just over 20 minutes.  I’m hoping by next week I’ll have it down to about 10 minutes… this way, when I’ve come off the first day of riding it’ll only take me about an hour. :p

I’ve also purchased an ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series Air Pad, and a Kelty Lunar 20 Degree CloudLoft Rectangular Sleeping Bag (thanks to Bill Cossaboom for the recommendations).  Throw in my small folding camp chair and table (also from the padres), a small lantern, pillow, my COWON S9, and my Droid X, and I’ve got all the comforts of home (minus late-night fridge access).

Two training rides this weekend, and I’m going to hit them both – 50 miles each.   Gotta keep rolling…