9/13: First Back-to-Back Ride

A little late to start, but you know the saying.  Today I did my first back-to-back ride, coming off of the 60 mile MS training ride yesterday.  I’ll tell ya: at first I didn’t want to go.  Since Friday I’ve felt a cold coming on.  The same one the kids had last week, and Cam just finished fighting off.  I felt it through yesterday’s ride, but it was still in the background.  Last night, I couldn’t sleep and was up about every hour.  Add to that we had no milk this morning, and this is now my second day without my morning cuppa joe.

So by this afternoon, I was feeling a bit like the piñata that’s been hanging just a bit too long in the back of the bodega (that’s a corner store for you non-Ricans).  But, I called up Tom, and rode out anyway.  I’m glad I did – though admittedly in about an hour I’ll probably wish I hadn’t.  See, when you do endurance riding, I’ve found that for about 30 minutes to 2 hours after a ride (depending on the ride and the weather), I fee great.  More miles?  No problem.  15% grade on that hill?  Bring it!  30 mph head-wind?  I EAT WIND FOR BREAKFAST!!!   Wait… that doesn’t sound right…

Anyway, my point is, at this moment, I don’t feel sick (though I know it’s there waiting in the wings), and I don’t feel sore.  I feel like I need a massive steak, a good salad, and some cheesy au gratin potatoes.  But after a while, I start to slow down… then I slow down some more… then I go to sit in front of the comp and find that I’ve been staring at the monitor for about 15 minutes, basically catatonic.

But, while I’m still lucid, I thought I’d post. Might do a ride Thursday, but since I know I’m doing Sunday (MS Training 70 miles) and Monday (another 25 or so), I’ll more likely take it easy.

Total Distance: 24.3 mi
Moving Time: 1:27:43
Average Moving Speed: 16.6 mi/h
Max Speed: 31.0 mi/h
Min Elevation: 627 ft
Max Elevation: 739 ft
Elevation Gain: 911 ft
Max Grade: 5 %
Min Grade: -5 %