8/28: MS Training Ride #2

Gorgeous weather for riding!  Was barely 70 when we rolled out at 7:30AM.  The plan was to do about 40 miles, though my track says we only did about 38.5.  My bike said the same, so maybe we took a shortcut somewhere. 😉  At any rate, at first I started out with Tom and his friend Steve, keeping a nice, leisurely pace.  A gap opened up, and I ended up ahead of the group, tailing a larger and much faster group.  When I caught up with them (about 30 riders) their air pocket sucked me right in, and before I knew it we were flying at 22mph and I was barely doing a thing.

As the ride went on, I worked my way up the pack, eventually to the front where I could pull a little more, before we hit the rest stop.  I rested for about 10 minutes, waiting for Tom to arrive, since I heard he had some gearing problems.  Took off again with another group, setting down yet another killer pace.

Google Map

When the ride was done, I wolfed down a couple of hot dogs that the ride sponsor volunteers had cooked, packed up, and drove over to the Tulsa Zoo to meet up with my family and my friend Michael who’s visiting from New York.  Walking around a large zoo for a couple of hours after a 39 mile ride isn’t exactly what I’d call relaxing, but we still had a good time.

More miles on the tires, and four more weeks to go.

Total Distance: 38.5 mi
Moving Time: 2:11:47
Average Moving Speed: 17.5 mi/h
Max Speed: 33.4 mi/h
Min Elevation: 628 ft
Max Elevation: 887 ft
Elevation Gain: 1360 ft