8/26: Solo and Team Superior Ride

Team Superior has a Thursday ride along the Arkansas river, and I thought I’d join them this week for at least one leg of it.  Tom called and said he was going to take off from his house and just head west based on how he felt, but I left earlier, trying to meet up with the team.  The team starting point: 21 miles away.  So I already put in a good ride before I reached them.  Fortunately, I arrived early and was able to rest a bit before the team started.  I thought they’d be headed south along the ride (back the way I cam) but no, they headed north, so the ride was even longer than I thought it’d be.  The also came back down the west bank, which has a massive hill – thank god for very low gears.

Google Map

Ran into Tom just after breaking off from the team ride to head home, so we rode together the rest of the way, which is good because he sets a solid pace and it kept me from slacking on the ride home.

Total Distance: 45.8 mi
Moving Time: 2:54:59
Average Speed: 12.8 mi/h
Average Moving Speed: 15.7 mi/h
Max Speed: 33.0 mi/h
Min Elevation: 620 ft
Max Elevation: 773 ft
Elevation Gain: 1480 ft