8/23: Team Superior Liberty Trail Ride

Another ride with Team Superior – weather was a bit on the brutal side to start, heat index of 105° and sunny.  But as the sun went down, the temperature dropped quickly and the ride would’ve been more enjoyable at that point – had I not already been exhausted. 🙂

Kept a really fast pace (about 17.1 mi/h for the first 15 miles).   Had a bit of knee pain around the MCL, but seems to have faded off.   Next ride is Thursday, most likely.  Also received another donation, and I’m now at 70% of my goal!  Thanks for all those who’ve donated to this cause!

Total Distance: 30.0 mi
Total Time: 2:07:07
Moving Time: 1:48:42
Average Moving Speed: 16.5 mi/h
Max Speed: 28.1 mi/h
Min Elevation: 612 ft
Max Elevation: 826 ft
Elevation Gain: 1023 ft
Max Grade: 15 %
Min Grade: -12 %