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Various events that I’ve participated in.

The Riding Season Thus Far

80 miles into the Tulsa Tough, just before the KOM climb.

It’s been an interesting season so far. An eye-opener in how far I’ve come, and even moreso in how far I have to go. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Rides: 43 (89 hours)
  • Trainer Intervals: 23 (14 hours)
  • Total Distance: 1,478.37 miles
  • Average Speed: 16.58 mph
  • Elevation Gained: 48,429 ft.
  • Events: 4

I’m on track of meeting my goal of 3k miles for the year. And while my training is going well, some of the events could’ve turned out a lot better. Continue reading The Riding Season Thus Far

2011 Bike MS – Early Prep

There’s a few changes this year for The Mother Road Ride. The first change that I’ll mention is that I’m no longer flying solo – not that I did last year either. Last year though I wasn’t part of the team, I still road the entire first day with Team Superior’s Mike, TJ, and a few others early on. But this year, it’s official – I’m now part of Team Superior. They’re a great group of riders with various levels of experience from beginners to seasoned vets. From kick-back joy riders to high-paced leg-breakers. I’m proud to join them in this and other endeavours (including the upcoming Tulsa Tough). Continue reading 2011 Bike MS – Early Prep

4/23: The Non-Century Ride

Wet. Cold. Windy. Yeah, of all the days to get up.

The Flower Power Ride out in Muskogee, OK was supposed to be my first century. Turns out, that was not gonna happen.

I had been watching the weather all week. The more I watched it, the worse it seemed to get. It was like seeing a woman across a bar – the closer you get, the worse she looks. By the night before, chance of thunderstorms was up to 70%, and winds were looking to be about 12mph out of the NE. Temperatures had dropped too, so that by the time we would be starting it’d be mid-50’s at best.

But, I was determined. Not bright, but determined. I packed up everything I needed the night before, including extra food in case I got back late from the ride and they closed up support. The ride started at 9am, and they would be wrapping up support between 3-4pm. That means on a 100 mile ride, to get back by 3:30pm, you’d need to set a 16.5mph pace (given only 30 minutes total rest time with 6 hours of riding). That was my goal. Continue reading 4/23: The Non-Century Ride

9/25-26: The Mother Road Ride!

Me and my humble steed, morning of the ride.

We did it!  About 750 riders made the trek from Tulsa to Oklahoma city.  It’s hard to know where to begin this post – partly because there’s so much that happened, and partly because my brain is still a little fried from two days of riding. But I guess I’ll begin by saying thanks to all those that supported me and the cause, and to all those wonderful riders and volunteers who had the same goal this weekend – to fight MS! Continue reading 9/25-26: The Mother Road Ride!